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The look of love

Instilling energy, fragrance, romance and beauty into life’s celebrations with artful, sustainable floral design inspired by the
changing seasons is my greatest joy. My designs are informed by the way flowers and foliage behave in nature and I have
an enchanting yet contemporary aesthetic.

Creating wedding flowers is a particular delight, as there’s nothing I love more than bringing your floral vision to life on a day
that’s all about the desires of the heart. Working in harmony with seasonal materials I create knock-your-socks-off wedding
bouquets, centrepieces, untamed botanical installations and curated tablescapes to delight you, and your guests. 

Commissions by media, PR, and retail clients also make me giddy with excitement and allow me to take botanical
artistry to brave new places. 

Let's make floral magic happen! 

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Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5




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Sarah Allen, trading as Love At First Sight Floristry. @2026 by Sarah Allen

Images of my work are not to be used without due credit

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